IJMB Alevel Registration, Agbarho, Delta State. Reg. No.: KW13897

Winners Advanced Success Academy, 
No 115 Ewherhe Road,
After Cornerstone Junction,
Delta State
Very Important Information
Once you reach your center, it is VERY important to register your physical presence to IJMB Data Collection Office (IDCO) the same day you resume by sending your:

TO THE FOLLOWING NUMBER 08168905292, eg. Adeoti Abigail, KW13697/001, 24/02/2020. 081634337**. as SMS to 08168905292

For future Announcements, instructions, Debate, Questions, kindly click HER TO join Other Registered IJMB Students On WhatsApp Group
Now Read All These Info word For Word
Hello, {{display_name}} Your JMB application registration number is {{registration_number}}

YOU have been offered a provisional admission to run IJMB programme at Winners Advanced Success Academy, Agbarho

Your admission is only confirmed when you pay your fees and start lectures with other students that have been here already.
Your IJMB official centre is  Winners Advanced Success Academy, Agbarho. is using the registered business name of KW13989.
 We want to promise you that this centre is registered, and the environment is conducive enough for learning. Winners Advanced Success Academy, Agbarho is one of the official centres the IJMB Alevel Registration is collaborating with since last two years after meeting our requirements in terms of the conducive environment, qualified lecturers and a very conducive hostel for our students with a maximum of 5 students per room.
Warning: Lectures will start on February 24th of February 2020 and you can start resuming from 20th of February and you must resume before {{resumption_date}}
We want to assure you that your IJMB success is assured, and nothing to fear about, all we need from you is to read as much as possible from your first day at our centre.
We want to assure you that we know the purpose you are coming to run IJMB, it is not just for you to go through the programme, but to use it to gain admission into 200 Level of any university of your choice studying your desired course.
We want to let you know that we will not turn our back until we see you at the doorstep of the university of your choice.
IJMB Board Warns You
We now have so many dubious IJMB centres, please you are not meant to call any other numbers till you reach your centre than the ones below >> 08111357171 or 08105087367.
Please if you do, we are not responsible whatever comes from it as a result of negligence on your part. Since this letter confirmed your registration, you are meant to start coming to your study centre immediately on the stipulated date above.
What To Brings Along While Coming
While coming, bring along with you 8 passports, your O’level result weather WAEC/NECO/GCE/NABTEB (photocopies). If you want to use the awaiting result, it is allowed too.

Your student mattress, by printing it out on the IJMB portal, and the teller of the #8,500 (if you pay at the bank) paid to our account (if you paid it to the wrong account, you will be asked to pay the registration fee before doing any other thing.

Take note that all receipts of payment are available on the portal for printing purpose you can print them to present at your centre and also confirmation of purpose is automatically sent to your email. To print, all your payments receipts click HERE

Again, if you have resumed, it is very important to mark your resumption: click HERE to mark your resumption
You can pay your acceptance fee by clicking here and if you pay at the bank, click here to upload payment evidence
It is very important. The only account we used for registration is IJMBWAY ALEVEL REGISTRATION. And your cooking utensils since you will be responsible for your feeding, a well-furnished kitchen is provided already for your comfort.
School Fees Payment, Hostel, And Installment Payment Agreement
Students should take note, that the instalment payment is allowed, but the minimum acceptable for the resumption (to receive lectures) at Agbarho IJMB centre is N114,000 including accommodation.
While the remaining #114,000 fees can be paid a maximum of two times with the consent of your coordinator and your parents. Take note, that you will not be allowed to write the exams if you do not complete all the remaining fees on time as agreed upon with your coordinators.
The total school fees with accommodation at IJMB Agbarho centre is N228,000
You are advised to start paying for the school fees from January 27th, 2020 to the account detail that is stated below in this admission letter

Now that you have been admitted to run IJMB at Winners Advanced Success Academy, Agbarho., you can now go-ahead for the acceptance fee payment before {{acceptance_fees_last_date}}.

The acceptance fee is already included in the total #228,000 you are meant to pay throughout the IJMB programme and is also included in the initial #114,000 of the fees that guarantee you of attending lectures, given you textbooks and hostel accommodation.

Failure to pay this acceptance fee payment before on stipulated date means you have to registered for IJMB again. The acceptance fee payment should be made to the following details below
Account Name: IJMB Alevel Registration
Account No:     0163836217
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank
It is advisable to note that fees paid in whatever form is not refundable as for now regarding IJMB programme fees as a whole.
Students are therefore advised to be sure that they want to go through IJMB programme before they pay any fees and they should seek for their parents/guardian consent before any sort of fees is paid.
NOTE: All payment receipts/teller must be scanned to our email ([email protected]) for verification purposes and against the future issue that might arise. Whether you pay to the centre/or to IJMB account, it does not matter, candidates are to scan their teller and receipt to us.
Discipline And Little Advice
Finally, We take discipline seriously, students are not meant to fight one another NO MATTER THE REASON, not to talk of insulting any lecturer whether he/she is of the same age with your son at home or one of your younger ones, any student found in this manner, will be sent home, no matter how small/ big the amount he/she has paid.
When you are sick, report to your student rep. at your hostel, or call the coordinator directly. Any act of covering up for one student or against another is seriously prohibited. Students are advised to desist from this punishable act.
Again, the main purpose, while you are coming down here, is to make your points, in another word, you are coming here to READ. So please read more and play lesser from your first day.
The assistance we can do during the examination is only little and it can never be enough. And please, it is very important for students not to play with the dates being set for the whole payment of the fees, as it can affect you and we will not be reliable for any deregistration as a result of not complying to the dates of payment.
Please make sure you keep your teller of every fee you pay, also scan the teller of payment and send it to this email immediately ([email protected]) to avoid the story that touches the heart(please forgive me)
In no matter circumstance, you should pay any amount of physical cash to ANYONE, money should be paid directly to the following bank account details or to the centre account.
Account Name: IJMB Alevel Registration
Account No:     0163836217
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank


After payment of your acceptance fee, click HERE to download your IJMB subject combination syllabus

The minimum you can pay for a start is #114,000 acceptance fee included
Your syllabus will be automatically available on the IJMB portal once you pay your acceptance fee
Once you reach your centre, it is VERY important to register your physical presence the same day you resume by sending your
  • Your Centre Name, AND

TO THE FOLLOWING NUMBER 08168905292. EG. Chukwudi Abigail, KW13697/001, Winners Agbarho, 24/02/2020 to 08168905292. You must endeavour to remember this procedure since no one will remind you when you get to your centre.

 Please, you can print this email out so that you won’t forget any of these procedures. 38% of students ignored this instruction in the just-concluded session, and it affected them during the examination.

Do send us an email requesting for your PDF IJMB syllabus once you have paid for the acceptance fee.  
Your IJMB Centre Full address below:
Winners Advanced Success Academy, Agbarho
No 115 Ewherhe Road,
After Cornerstone Junction,
Delta State

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