Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria PDF Syllabus For Current Academic Session

Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria Syllabus

We are using this medium to tell candidates who which to have the Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria current syllabus either for the 2015/2016 or 2016/2017 academic session to send a request to our  email, and within 48 hours, the current syllabus for Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria will be sent to them through the same emails. Please follow this procedure to have the Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria syllabus for your course of study at any of the Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria centres.


Important Notice For All Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria Students Relating To Syllabus

  1. Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria syllabus is the same throughout the federation and study centres, there is no different between Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria study centre in Lagos and the one in Ibadan.
  2. It is not compulsory for your study centres to provide you with syllabus, the syllabus we are providing here are meant for students who want to go that extra miles  in their study to see they have the maximum points in order have more chances of gaining admission with Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria to study their choice of course among Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria affiliated universities 
  3. In this syllabus you will see what you are meant to cover and the recommended textbooks you are meant to read
  4. This syllabus is only meant for students who register their Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria programme through us.  See how you can register for your Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria programme through us.
  5. Once you register through us, full syllabus will be sent to you with all your Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria full details and address for your lectures.
  6. If you do not register through us and you still want to have the syllabus for this 2016/2017 session. You are meant to download the syllabus we have provided below. Look at how it is, if it is worth paying for , you continue by paying #2,500 to have the full syllabus of your Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria subject combination (not more than 4 subjects)
  7. Do not pay any money if you cannot read the one we have provided below after downloading it, as no refund request will be honoured


How Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria Syllabus Look Like

We have provided Mathematics, Yoruba and CRS for everyone to download and see how the syllabus look like before making any sort of payment. Click each link to download

Download Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria Syllabus Mathematics

Download Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria Christian Religious Studies Syllabus


Download Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria SYLLABUS FOR YORUBA

How To Pay For Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria Syllabus

This is only meant for students who do not register through us (Alevel Registration). If you register through us from 14/09/2016 you must have seen attachment of your syllabus and you donot need to pay any extra fees

Pay the #2,500 to the following account details

Account Name: Alevel Registration

Account Number: 0163836217

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtbank)

After payment, please scan teller of  the #2,500 paid. In the same email, please state your Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria subjects combination, and within 48 hours. Your syllabus will be sent to you.  Scan teller to [email protected]

HOW To Get Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria Syllabus For  2016/2017 Academic Session

The interested candidates who which to have the current Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria syllabus should follow this below instruction strictly to have the right syllabus for the right academic session.

Send your request through an email to [email protected] with the following details.

1. I want the Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria syllabus for 2016/2017

2. If you have chosen Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria 2016/2017 session, please indicate if  you have registered

3. Also, write the Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria subject combinations that will suit your choice course after being through with Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria programme and you needed to gain admission  with the result, if you have started receiving lectures at our various Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria study centres, please just write the subject combination of your course ( not more than 4, it is usually 3), with the teller of payment and sent it to [email protected]

If you have not grasped the full details about Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria, please read What Is Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria, and also go through Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria registration page to know if we can now register Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria applicants to our various centres. We are here to give candidates the best experience throughout their stay with this Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria alevel programme, and we encourage students to read Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria Frequently Ask Questions to know more about this programme. Check if Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria form is available to print out


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