Cambridge University, UK (UI) Departments Points For Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria 200 Level Admission

What Are The Required Points To Gain Admission Into Cambridge University, UK With Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria?

For candidates who are interested in gaining admission into UI ( Cambridge University, UK)  with Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria ( takes note that UI is the pioneer university for Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria) and want to know the requirement for each course from Sciences, to Social sciences and Arts. This post will help you prepared and for those who about to apply for Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria, this information will help you in making the right decision what course to study or apply for after being through with the programme at Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria centres and for those who wants to

see if our NABTEB A 'Level Lagos centre is ready ( can always view the page for update.)

Note: These points listed for each courses and departments or faculty at University of Ibadan (UI as fondly called) is NOT finite. Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria students can help themselves by reading harder while on the programme.  So this is just a guide for students on what to expect for Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria conditons. With you also gaining admission into Lagos with Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria, that means you are starting your undergraduate programme from 200 level at the university of Lagos

Candidates should have it at the back of their mind that, the higher their points for a course, the higher the chances for gaining admission as each university have their quota for those who want to gain admission through JAMB, through Preliminary studies (Remedial programme, NABTEB A 'Level, and even Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria) and Direct Entry (D.E from Polytechnic ) in which Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria students fall in.

Cambridge University, UK Requirement For NABTEB A 'Level Students Admission

1. UI Accepts (5-9) points for any science, paramedical, administrative course

2.UI Requires minimum of 13 points in Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria for Medicine

3. UI requires minimum of 13 points to study law with Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria

4.UI requires 8 points and above for Engineering courses, A/level Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry for Industrial Chemistry

5. Seven (7) points and above for Social Sciences/Administrative Courses

6. Five (6) points and above for Religious Studies, Languages, and most of the Courses in Arts Faculty and Agriculture


1. In maximum of two sittings, candidates should have passes at the

Principal or A/L with GCE O/L equivalent passes (credited)

2. Three passes at the Principal or Advanced Level with GCE. O’ Level approved equivalent credit passes in two

other subjects at not more than two sittings; (Passes at the Principal or Advanced Level may be obtained at the G.C.E. A’ Level, HSC.

or “I.J.M.B”).

3. Passes in two recognised NCE subjects with G.C.E. O’ Level credits equivalent in three other subjects. Education is accepted as a third Level subject for those taking courses in Education.

4. Candidates who successfully pass the final examination of the following Institutions shall also be considered eligible for admission.

1. The International Baccalaureate obtained from accredited Institution with relevant grading.

2. National Diploma from Polytechnics or

Colleges of Technology-only applicable to

some faculties (See table on special Faculty requirements).

3. The Defence Academy Certificate as

moderated by the University of Ibadan.

Other conditions to note:

1. No subjects may be counted at both O’ and A’ Levels.

2. General Paper at HSC or in any other examination will not be accepted as a substitute for English Language.

Check Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria subject combinations that would suit your course

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  1. Please, I wrote waec and Cambridge o level exams but I failed chemistry in waec and passed it in Cambridge so I decided to combine my waec result with my Cambridge o level, but I heard that the Cambridge result cannot be combined with any other result and the portal of university of Ibadan has been closed, I want to know the amendments I can make on this issue before it is too late . thankyou.

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