Cambridge A-Level Nigeria Examinations 2015/2016 Dates And Timetable Announced

We are glad to tell  yo that the Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria 2015/2016 exams dates have been announced. And students do not have any other choice for now than to start ready more than ever before. In our own capacity, we have uploaded Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria past questions for students to download and study them thoroughly. The Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria syllabus can also be requested, and it will be given to those who answered a question correctly.

As announced, the Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria examination for the 2015/2016 session will start on Tuesday 7th of June, and end on Thursday 16th of June. Just like we have said afore time, it is now time to read ahead, as there is no short-cut to Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria exams success in any of the Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria examinations centre.


If your centres is not yet approved by Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria board for examinations, students of such centres will need to travel with the staff and management to the approved Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria examination centre before the commencement of the examination where they have been registered to write the exams.

It is also worthy to note that the mock Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria exams ended in most centres today on 5th of May 2016.

We believe by now, students must have been availed with their examinations centres, and to some others their exams number.

The Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria examination timetable 2016 which will commence on 20th of June have been released, and any time it gets to us,  we will definitely update this page for those who have bookmarked this website first thing tomorrow. In meantime, we advised everyone to bookmark this page for any information about the Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria examination

And those who heard rumour that the Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria examination 2016 timetable have been shifted to August, we can confirmed now that the information  was not true and the exams commence as stipulated above


Cambridge A 'Level Nigeria 2016 Examination Timetable
Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria 2016 Examination Timetable

Download The Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria 2016 examination Timetable Below

You can click the link below to download it on your system

Download 2016 Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria Examination Timetable


Have we helped you in anyway before? Please help us now to help the coming session of the Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria 2016/2017. In which Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria registration have started. This is how we want you to help us, as we cannot travel all over the country where Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria lectures are being received by Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria students to find information on this ourselves.

Send us an email to [email protected], stating:

  1. The centre where you are receiving your lectures
  2. The breaking down of how much your parents paid (Jupeb school fees)
  3. The hostel fees (starting if it is compulsory or optional)
  4. The Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria form fee

We will thank you, and of course we will reward you with something, if you are the first person to send us your centres info. We are thanking you ahead


August 30, 2017

Pls, is your fee of #350,000 covers the tuitio, hostel accommodation and feeding, and the examination fee. Also where in Lagos is the Cambridge center .Finally when can a student start lecture for examination that will qualify him direct admission into Nigerian university for 2018/2019 academic year.

September 13, 2017

The fees for Ilorin centre is #430,000 now. It covers all the tuition as long as you make full payment on time. Late full payment can be costly as exam fee increases almost every day during the late payment period. Exam fee for a single subject can move from #40,000 to #75,000 within two weeks once the late registration starts counting

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