Cambridge Alevel Registration Form

Welcome to Cambridge A’level Nigeria Registration form For 2021/2022 May/June. exam registration form

Kindly fill this first stage form, personal details, the program you are registering for.

2. Then a link will be sent to your email to verify that your E-mail address is valid.

3. Click on the verification link to fill parents/guardian form, subject combination, your preferred study centre. and previous academics records and grades.

4. Available Cambridge A’level, IGCESE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS centres will be displayed and their fees, you select your preferred study centre.

Please note SAT is around 180k in all centres same while TOEFL, IELTS are 150,000 IGCSE is about #600k above including lectures and exams fee.

While Cambridge A’level fees start from #660,000 to #4.850M depending on your chosen centre. While filling the second stage, you will be able to see all available centres and their fees with or without accommodation/hostel

Be warned. Do not start filling the form, if you do not have your registration fee (25,000, your data and email will be deleted/banned if you do not pay within 24 hours after your registration. The registration fee is #25,000 for all the programs.

You can select the method of payment while registering either by Bank Payment (transfer, POS, USSD, ATM transfer, online mobile banking) or Online Payment (using your ATM details to pay online).

Your admission letter is sent within 24 hours if you pay via Bank payment, while admission letter is sent immediately if you pay using your ATM details (online payment method)

If you want to write the exam by October/Nov this year. you need to resume between the 16th of March and May 22nd and if you want to write the exam May/June next year, for Cambridge A’level, you need to resume by August 22nd till November 22nd.

You can as well generate your registration and acceptance fee invoice for Cambridge A’level and other programs at the Invoice page, during the generation of the invoice, you will be able to see available centres and their fees.

To know when the registration is closing for Cambridge A’level, note that other programs have flexible closing date unlike Cambridge A-Level, please check when is Cambridge A’level registration is closing for the ongoing session.

Steps by Steps Instruction to Register for Cambridge A-Level In Nigeria

0. Before you make payment. See that you are interested in available IJMB centres today to avoid wasting your money. ( )

1. Pay for your registration fee(

2. Fill the form ( )

3. Confirm your email by clicking on the verification link sent to your email address.

4. When you click on the confirmation link on your email inbox, you will be redirected to the page where you will select your centre and method of payment

5. Do that (select your preferred study centre and method of payment, if you have paid select any other method except Online payment if you have not paid, select Online payment to pay with your ATM card via paystack)

6. Then we will confirm your payment by activating your portal( for quick resolving, upload your payment evidence, screenshot, teller, are all accepted)

7. After that you will be redirected to fill the parent/guardian form

8. Then you will receive your admission letter to your email and will also be available on your Cambridge Nigeria portal to be downloaded and view anytime.

9. Then within 2 weeks, pay your acceptance

10. Then resume to your centre from September 6th of July to commence lecture

11.When resuming bring along at least 50% of your centre fee


1. By filling the below form, you agreed that you have read the above instructions and every other detail concerning Cambridge Alevel and other programs on this site. 

2. You agreed that you have asked all the necessary questions on the programme and you have made up your mind to register for it.

3. By also filling the form, you have agreed that you have informed your parents/guardian /sponsor and they have given you consent to fill the below form.

4. By filling the form also, you agreed that you have already paid for the registration or that you have the registration fee with you either in cash or in your account and you will pay immediately not later than 2 hours after filling the form below and have confirmed the link.

5. By not making the payment, you agreed that you are acting against this agreement and therefore you at fault and that you agreed that we can take legal proceedings against you as you have failed to make your payment even after filling the form. 

6. If you still need to ask questions concerning registration and fees before you can make your payment, DO NOT fill the form yet, ask all the necessary questions on our WhatsApp or call between the office hours and days.

7. That you also know that this website ( is a legal private educational consults firm established to register candidates/students to both foreign and local Alevels programs including but not limited to Cambridge A level, ICAN, IGCSE, GCE A level, TOEFL, IELTS etc. in Nigeria.

8. We will not be responsible for any financial loss NOT made through this website or to our account details visible in all the pages on this website ( concerning A’level registrations.

9. That you understand that we do not grant a refund for the registration fee for any reason, therefore students and parents should make up their mind before starting the registration process. 

10. After payment of your registration, you are either sent an admission letter concerning your chosen centre, date of resumption, and when you are to pay your acceptance fee.

Cambridge A Level 2022/2023 Nigeria Form