Cambridge A Level Schools At Ikeja

Cambridge Ikeja A Levels Schools (Cambridge) Ikeja

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Ikeja is one of the home for all Advanced levels (A -level) programmes in Nigeria. A Level schools are study centres for running most if not all advanced programmes such as Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB – moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, JUPEB moderated by the University of Ikeja. NABTEB A Level, andCambridge A level moderated by Cambridge University in the UK

Cambridge A-level in Ikeja
Cambridge A-level in Ikeja

When most people talks about A Level schools in Nigeria, A Level schools In Ikeja, or even A-level schools In  Ikeja, A Level schools In  Ikeja etc.  What most interested candidates are having in mind is Cambridge A level programme. The result of the programme is accepted by all universities in Nigeria and also all universities in the United Kingdom.

A Level schools, as in Cambridge programme are done by candidates who wish to travel abroad for their degree programme or want to use it to gain admission into 200 level in any of the Nigerian universities, that is why we are here to talk about Cambridge a-level schools in Ikeja.

Cambridge A level run the examination twice in a year. You can complete the programme in the space of 5 months or you can do it within 10 months as depending on the candidate choice. The examination is twice a year as said earlier; May/June and October/November every year. We have accredited A level school in Ikeja, Kwara state. And this why we informing those candidates who are close to Ikeja on how they can register Cambridge A’ Level and be in Ikeja for the programme

Accredited Advanced level school in Ikeja provides a conducive environment for all students who register in the centre, and the result is recognised all over Nigeria universities, Cambridge A level in Nigeria is the only A’ level programme that is generally accepted in Nigeria across universities. Most other A-Level programmes are only accepted by designated universities

The registration for A levels schools in Ikeja and anywhere in Nigeria as a whole is the same thing, as we have a-levels schools that partner with for the registration of A-level programmes in the respect to Cambridge a-level.

Interested candidates for Cambridge A-level programme in Nigeria are advised to check for Cambridge A-levels school tuition in our various schools across Nigeria, before registering for the programme

The registration for Cambridge A level start October every year and lectures start the first week of January till May or October depending on the time frame each student decides to use for the entire programme either for 5 months or 10 months. The Cambridge A-level examination is being written twice a year.

Check if the registration for Cambridge is still ongoing in all our centres by visiting when is Cambridge A Level registration form closing

Our Cambridge a level school in Ikeja is accredited, equip with the necessary apparatus and well staffed. To register please go to Cambridge registration page.


A Level College In Ikeja Schools Fees (Cambridge A-Level)

Our Cambridge A-Level school fees are still the most affordable for Cambridge choices in Nigeria. Our Cambridge A-Level Centre in Ikeja is no different. Our fees are all-inclusive. We have added School fees, examination Fees, textbooks, hostel fees in which we arrive at the price. See the breakdown of A’ level tuition fees in Nigeria

The fees for Ikeja Cambridge varies depending on the centres. There is a centre for #600,000 and there is another one, which is between #1.95m to #2.85m depending if you want accommodation or not.

Benefit Of Cambridge A-Level Programmes For Interested Candidates

The Advanced Cambridge A-Level programme has many benefits, especially when talking about the Nigerian education system. The issue of admission via JAMB is so competitive that, it is by God’s grace most times. Because most times we cannot really explain how the admission system works.

You will see someone who gains admission with 190 marks from UTME examination, and you will also see someone with 202 marks for the same course, same university, same year that was denied admission. Now, if we said it is by God’s Grace, I hope no one will misunderstand us.

Some Of The Benefits Of Cambridge A Level In Nigeria Are Listed Below

  • Direct admission into 200 level once admitted
  • You can study any course with Cambridge A’ Level in Nigeria, talk about Law, Medicine, Accounting, Mass Communication etc
  • It is a short programme, withing 5 to 10 months, you are done
  • You can be admitted the same year you are done with the programme
  • You will be busy throughout with the programme, no time to sit at home
  • Cambridge A’ Level programme is not easy, including the examination, but it worths it, as it creates lifetime impression on the student
  • Your CGPA in the university once admitted in the university of choice will definitely be higher than most people gain admission via JAMB
  • The result of Cambridge A’ Level is accepted in ALL universities in Nigeria, includes the University of Ikeja, University of Ikeja, OAU, OOU, UI, UNIBEN, UNIPORT etc.

How To Register For Cambridge A-level School In Ikeja

Procedure To Apply For Cambridge A Level Nigeria Programme

Preliminary instruction. It is necessary for all applicants to have informed his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) before hand about Cambridge A Level Nigeria programme. After their consent applicants should follow the below instructions

1 Print out the form below and fill the details with CAPITAL LETTERS all through
2. Pay in the application fee which is #25,000 ( Please check the breakdown of Cambridge A’Level Nigeria tuition fees here ) to the following account details

Account Name:  Alevel Registration

Account Number: 0163836217

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtbank)
3.After payment, scan the copy of the teller indicating payment along with the FILLED application form to [email protected]
4. After reviewing your application form, your Cambridge A Level Nigeria centre name and address would be sent to you through the same email you used in sending it to us within 48 hours to 72 hours. We advised that you use your personal and active email address to send in your data to us, as further information and instructions would be communicated through the email address used during the registration.

We advised that you use your personal and active email address to send your data to us, as further information and instructions would be communicated through the email address used during the registration.

Check the Cambridge ALevel Nigeria registration form closing date

For complaints, advise and info about Cambridge A Level Nigeria registration and admission, please call 08180679748 or 09050904734

July 17, 2017

How Cam I Register Directly In D Center Close To My Area Without Registering Online

September 13, 2017

Registration is online

November 16, 2017

Please, what is the full address of the Cambridge A level Ikeja centre and also Lagos centre?
I would like to come in for full inquiry about the programme and I would also like to know when the registration of the 2017/2018 session is closing

March 17, 2018

where is your location?
where is University of Ikeja situated?

May 24, 2018

can i register for only exam and how much wud it cost

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